2014 District Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Thursday, Nov 26, 2015
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Training for your chapters 2016 operations, and officer training, is being provided at three locations. The Mid-Atlantic District leadership wanted to bring LEADERSHIP ACADEMY to you by providing three different dates at three different locations for you to chose from. The cost for each one-day school is only $45.00 per attendee, less for group registrations! So no excuses for not attending one of these three sessions — one is within easy driving distance of your chapter.

Leadership Academy dates are:
Central - January 9, 2016


Public Events


April 15-17, 2016

This year, the Mid-Atlantic District will host THREE competitions during our Spring Convention.
The International Quartet Prelims (as usual), the Senior Quartet Competition,
the second annual Mixed Harmony Quartet Festival, AND
the Youth In Harmony Adjudications!

For Quartets that would like to sign up for the Prelims & Seniors contest, see the latest information here.
Contest Registration deadline is March 15th.

Click here for the Mixed Harmony Festival info

Registration deadline for M-AD quartets is midnight, Monday, February 15, 2016.
Non-MAD quartet entries will be added to the "wait list" and will be notified of acceptance after March 16, 2016.
All quartet entries will be added on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about the Mixed Harmony Quartet Festival,
see our Facebook page.
Download the Registration Form here.
View the Contest Guidelines.

Click here for the Youth In Harmony Adjudication info

Here you will find permission forms, registration forms (for Quartets & Ensembles), and rules.
The deadline for the Youth Adjudication sign-ups is Feb 20!!


This message is to inform you of a change to the date of the 2016 Mid-Atlantic District Fall Convention.

The Mid Atlantic District Events Team recently posted the 2016 District Fall Convention date as October 21-22, 2016. Further review reveals that date conflicts with the Sweet Adelines International (SAI) Convention.

The M-AD Board of Directors understands there are many people in our District that participate in SAI. Therefore having the 2016 Mid-Atlantic District Fall Convention on October 21-22, 2016 would present a hardship for chapters and families.

Therefore the M-AD Board of Directors authorized a change to the date of our 2016 Mid-Atlantic District Fall Convention to September 16-17, 2016. The Board action was required because the M-AD Fall Convention Regulation states the District Convention "should be held no earlier than the last weekend in September and no later than the last weekend in October." The new date selection was based on the limited availability of dates at venues suitable to hold the District Convention.

The Events Team was able to secure the Lancaster Convention Center and the Lancaster Marriott Hotel for our 2016 Fall District Convention. The Lancaster Convention Center and Marriott Hotel is a wonderful venue and it suits our event well. We have been there in the past and I am sure our District members and families will have a wonderful convention in Lancaster.

Please be sure to make note of the 2016 convention date change to September 16-17, 2016 and the location to Lancaster. PA. The Events Team apologizes for any inconvenience this change may cause to our District members.

In Harmony,

Dennis Ritchey
Executive Vice President
Mid-Atlantic District
Barbershop Harmony Society

NEW! Contest Photos are here.
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Contest Scores Archive!!!

2016 Convention Information

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See the YOUTH IN HARMONY ADJUDICATIONS page for the Adjudication forms.

Spring Convention & Youth Adjudication / Prelims early-bird expiration: Mar 15th
Northern Division early-bird expiration: May 3rd
Central Division early-bird expiration: Apr 13th
Southern Division early-bird expiration: Apr 27th
Fall District early-bird expiration is: Aug 16th

There will be no webcast this Fall.

Contest Photos are here.
Purchase your contest video here.
Download your contest videos here.
Contest Scores Archive!!!


Convention Info Location Contestant
Entry Deadline
Lineup Judges Program Book
Ads Deadline
Spring Prelims - Apr 15-16, 2016 Reading, PA Mar 13 n/a n/a Apr 2
Youth Adjudication - Apr 16 Reading, PA Apr 2 n/a n/a Apr 1
Central Division - May 13-14, 2016 Harrisburg PA Apr 15 n/a n/a Apr 30
Southern Division - May 27-28, 2016 Reston, VA Apr 27 n/a Judges May 14
Northern Division - Jun 3-5, 2016 Cherry Hill, NJ May 5 n/a n/a May 21
Fall District - Sep 16-18, 2016 Lancaster, PA Aug 16 n/a n/a Sep 3

Chorus Evaluations (20 minutes per category) at all Contests are COACHING Sessions.
ALL CHORUS MEMBERS are expected to participate.
Afterwards, competitors will receive a feedback-form to evaluate coaching effectiveness and
give recommendations for improving the C&J portion of our conventions.


Your District Board has agreed that we, as a District, will be a sponsor of the 2016 Youth Festival that will take place at the 2016 Mid-Winter Convention in Reno, Nevada. To do so requires a donation to Harmony Foundation of at least $10,000. I recently sent a note to all chapter presidents, treasurers and secretaries providing some details and also asking for their support.
See the letter by clicking here.

We believe that it is reasonable, and worthy of support, with a value proposition which includes:
  • Visibility of our art form to a broader community – ACDA and others
  • Involvement of music educators (attract one educator and potentially get many students exposed to and involved in singing/performing barbershop harmony)
  • The District and our chapters continue our strong reputation as a leader in youth singing and outreach
  • Opportunity for youth to sing/travel/experience barbershop harmony with their peers and men of all ages
  • Lives have been shown to be changed through exposure to ringing chords, quartet and chorus singing, and the resulting camaraderie
Please help by working with your chapter’s leadership to facilitate a donation or consider donating yourself. Send donations made out to Mid-Atlantic District and mail checks to:
Bob Eckman
4 Tara Ct
Palmyra, VA 22963-3331

Youth In Harmony Outreach Guidelines

Back-to-school is just around the corner within the M-AD (and has already occurred in some jurisdictions), and many of our chapters, quartets and choruses are eager to engage music educators to get involved in a barbershop outreach program at their local schools. This is a good thing! That said, it’s critical to the success of our outreach efforts that we always leave the music educator with the best possible impression of the barbershop art form and how it can enhance/augment the teacher’s music education program.

Download the Youth in Harmony Outreach Guildlines

The MAD Marketing Team has created a Marketing Toolbox for Chapters & Quartets to use to promote your group.

MAD Chorus Plateau Definitions
Chorus plateau categories are based on the average percentile results
from the two previous contests in which the chorus was entered.

AAAA70% and above
AAA60 – 69.9%
AA55 – 59.9%
A54.9% and below.

First-time competitors will not be eligible for plateau awards,
but their initial contest score can be used to place them in their next contest.
A chorus that has not competed in any contest for more than four years
will reenter the contest cycle as a Plateau A chorus.

Barbershop Radio on-line
Our own Tom Moyer hosts an hour-long talk show covering barbershop topics.
Check out his show every Wednesday at 1:00pm eastern.
Click on the green button on the bottom right of this link.

Supercharging Your Chapter!
This program defines and capitalizes on the only two effective ways that people join barbershop
and then provides the tools to make it easy and approachable for ANY chapter to grow
and ANY member to earn get a Man of Note award, which may be the ultimate award.

Watch this video and then visit the Operation Harold Hill website.

Youth In Harmony Promotional Video
The Mid-Atlantic District is dedicated to educating our young singers.
Please enjoy the following video...

To learn more about our Youth Outreach program or to get involved,
please contact us at YIH@MidAtlanticDistrict.com.

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