2014 District Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Thursday, Jan 29, 2015
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March 13-15, 2015

This year, the Mid-Atlantic District will host THREE competitions during our Spring Convention.
The International Quartet Prelims (as usual), the Senior Quartet Competition,
the first annual Mixed Harmony Quartet Festival, AND
the Youth In Harmony Adjudications!

For Quartets that would like to sign up for the Prelims & Seniors contest, see the latest information here.
Contest Registration deadline is February 13th.

Click here for the Mixed Harmony Festival info

For more information about the Mixed Harmony Quartet Festival,
see our Facebook page.
Download the Registration Form here.
View the Contest Guidelines.

Click here for the Youth In Harmony Adjudication info

Here you will find permission forms, registration forms (for Quartets & Ensembles), and rules.
The deadline for the Youth Adjudication sign-ups is Feb 20!!

Public Events

The next Mid'l Antics publishing deadline is April 15, 2015.

Don't miss HARMONY COLLEGE EAST this year!
Download the 2015 HCE Brochure.

NEW! Contest Photos are here.
Purchase your contest video here.
Download your contest videos here.
Contest Scores Archive!!!

MAD Chorus Plateau Definitions
Chorus plateau categories are based on the average percentile results
from the two previous contests in which the chorus was entered.

AAAA70% and above
AAA60 69.9%
AA55 59.9%
A54.9% and below.

First-time competitors will not be eligible for plateau awards,
but their initial contest score can be used to place them in their next contest.
A chorus that has not competed in any contest for more than four years
will reenter the contest cycle as a Plateau A chorus.

Barbershop Radio on-line
Our own Tom Moyer hosts an hour-long talk show covering barbershop topics.
Check out his show every Wednesday at 1:00pm eastern.
Click on the green button on the bottom right of this link.

Supercharging Your Chapter!
This program defines and capitalizes on the only two effective ways that people join barbershop
and then provides the tools to make it easy and approachable for ANY chapter to grow
and ANY member to earn get a Man of Note award, which may be the ultimate award.

Watch this video and then visit the Operation Harold Hill website.


Take a look back into our Barbershop History
with the "PRESERVATION" Publication (PDF)

This publication is jam-packed with tons of articles, photos, information & trivia.
Check it out on the Society website:

Youth In Harmony Promotional Video
The Mid-Atlantic District is dedicated to educating our young singers.
Please enjoy the following video...

To learn more about our Youth Outreach program or to get involved,
please contact us at YIH@MidAtlanticDistrict.com.

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