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Best Seat in the House

You Be The Judge – Bid On A Seat In The Judging Area at District Contest This Fall
Gary Plaag, VP Contest and Judging

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a barbershop judge? What do judges do while they sit wait for the next competitor? What do they say to each other? What do they do when they go backstage? What do they talk about when you see them conferring as a group after a performance? What does it sound and look like in the judging area (the “pit”)? Maybe you have no desire to know any of this but you want the best seat in the house and have a little extra cash you’re willing to part with for a good cause?

Do we have an opportunity for you!!!!!!!

At the past few International Conventions and at some recent district contests in other districts, seats in the judging area have been auctioned off with proceeds going to Harmony Foundation. We will be implementing it for our 2013 District Convention in Ocean City, MD this fall. We will auction off one (1) seat for each contest session:
  1. Quartet Semi-finals (Friday night);
  2. Chorus Finals (Saturday morning/afternoon); and
  3. Quartet Finals (Saturday night).
Proceeds will go to the Harmony Foundation. There is an online auction process so this can be done ahead of the convention. The opening bid starts at $40 for a seat and the minimum increase is $5 (but you are encouraged to bid higher!). You can bid at any time but the bidding closes at Noon on Friday, September 20!

So if you win “the best seat in the house” what exactly do you get?
  • The seat will be at the same tables where the nine (9) scoring judges sit.
  • You will receive a badge with your name as a keepsake.
  • You will be given the opportunity to score the competitors in your chosen category (Music, Presentation, Singing). You will be given the same scoring sheets that a certified scoring judge receives. You can take any notes you want or just sit and enjoy and then write down a score at the end. Your scores will not count in the official contest, but your scores will be entered into the scoring program and evaluated with the certified judges’ scores. A few days after the convention, you will receive a graphical analysis of how you scored in your chosen category for that session.
  • You will be invited to visit the Judges’ Green Room to partake of beverages and snacks alongside the judges.
  • You are invited to observe the evaluation sessions in your chosen category
  • You are encouraged to ask the judges as many questions about the experience as you want.
  • You are expected to maintain judge decorum – no sharing of information with others outside of the judging fraternity, etc. (You will be advised of this “judge code” after you win the seat.)
Register for Your Seat here!

Please note that you will still need to purchase an all-events registration for the convention. Through this auction process you are only vying for the “best seat in the house” in the judging area.

If you aren’t interested but know someone who is attending who might be, please pass this information on to him/her. It’s open for anyone, member or non-member, male or female. It’s a great opportunity that only a few people get to experience. You win and the M-AD Endowment Fund wins. See you in the “pit” in October!

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