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Chorus Director Workshop Intensive
(CDWI) Training Level TWO

Welcome to the Chorus Directors' Workshop Intensive - TWO!

This page contains a calendar of schools and a GUIDE FOR HOSTING the CDWI-II!

Application Form for CDWI APPLICANTS
Fee: $100 with checks payable to "Mid-Atlantic District"

NOTE: The prerequisite for this second level CDWI is to attend a first level CDWI previously. No other training may be substituted for this requirement.

Mission of the Workshop:
Five chorus directors from the area will participate in a daylong, intensive, workshop devoted to directing skills. The directors are personally invited by the District DVP CDD. The directors participate in a morning roundtable discussion identifying skills to be practiced in the afternoon in front of a live chorus. Each director is video taped while directing the chorus on two occasions. Following each directing session, the directors review the video tape with one of the trainers for instant feedback.

In some instances, other people will be attending as observers or apprentice trainers. Some of these observers may be from out of the area.

Facility: (needed from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.)
Generally, two rooms are needed. The first will be used for two purposes. First for the meeting between the faculty and the five directors. This is from 9:00 to 12:00 a.m and again at 4:30 p.m. or so. The second purpose for this room is to review the video tape of each director throughout the day. The video reviews will be approximately from 1:15 p.m. through 4:30 p.m. The second room should be large enough to host a chorus of 20 to 50 singers.

I. One room large enough to host two to five people reviewing video tapes. It must be within a short walking distance from the main room, as previously described, but far enough away that occupants in either room cannot hear the each other.

II. Convenient parking for all participants including participating chorus members.

Equipment Needed:
III. Three or four step risers large enough to hold the chorus that is committed to assist in the teaching weekend.

IV. Video recording camera that records VHS format tapes ( not 8 millimeter). The camera will be used for approximately four hours so it should have a 120V, AC adapter.

V. VHS video play back equipment including a monitor. (Remote control nice but not required)

VI. Five VHS video tapes (minimum T-30).

VII. Thirty cup coffee pot, coffee cream and sugar.

VIII. Large thermal cooler loaded with soft drinks etc. for all participants.

IX. Cookies, brownies and other munchies. (Ask your ladies auxiliary to help)

Optional Equipment Needed: (just in case)
X. Cassette recorder
XI. Audio cassette tapes
XII. Extra batteries
XIII. Extra VHS video tapes
XIV. A second video camera

Overnight Accommodations:
XVI. Hotel/motel reservations for the trainers, observers or apprentice trainers. The closer to the workshop site the better.

XVII. Shuttle service to and from the airport for trainers/observers or apprentice trainers. (The hotel may provide this)

XVIII. Our District responsible for all the costs incurred by the trainers (Certified and Apprentice) but not the cost of any "observers" if the workshop is designated an "Observation Weekend". The CDWI program and the observer's home District share the costs incurred by the observers. Each trainer could pay for his own expenses and) { apply to the District for reimbursement. However, it is much more convenient for the trainers if the District would pay for the Trainers expenses directly to the Hotel and/or Airline. We would be happy to go through your District travel agent to make our reservations.

XIX. Transportation for the trainers/observers/apprentice trainers from the hotel for arrival at the workshop site by 8:45AM (sometimes the hotel will provide shuttle service).

XX. Transportation back to the hotel about 5:00PM. (Ask the hotel, they may provide a shuttle)
Note: Usually the directors are from a short distance away and can drive to and from the workshop in one day. They will probably not require accommodations. Check with the trainer in charge for a final list of all participants.

The participating chorus may be of any size and the more Polecat songs they know, the better. Their participation starts about 1:15PM and will end about 5:00PM. After a warm-up session, the trainers introduce the directors and may instruct the chorus on how they can best assist the training program. Each director leads the chorus for about 15 minutes, under the tutelage of the first trainer, and is video taped. While the first director reviews his tape with the trainer, the second director leads the chorus and is observed by the second trainer. The directors rotate through until all five have had a chance to lead the chorus and observe their video tape. After a 15 minute break, the cycle starts over again so that each director has two opportunities to the direct and be observed.

The fun the chorus gets for their participation is to sing for other directors, maybe learn a new tag or song, and the satisfaction knowing that they are helping fellow Barbershoppers become better at their craft.

Miscellaneous Notes:
XXI. It is a nice gesture to have coffee and rolls ready for the directors/trainers and observers upon their arrival. (Some of them may have traveled to the session before breakfast).

XXII. The rooms should be clean and well lighted.

XXIII. The chorus should be able to perform at some reasonable degree of proficiency (C level or better).

XXIV. Have a few chairs and tables for the observers to take notes during the workshop

XXV. If any of the trainers arrive on the Friday night before the workshop, it is nice if they can spend the evening with some other Barbershoppers. Singing Tags, just visiting and getting to meet new friends or whatever is more enjoyable than sitting around a Hotel Room.

Most of all relax and have a good time knowing that you are contributing to the betterment of the Barbershop art form.

For questions and information about these programs contact:
Rich Gray, Jr
M-AD District VP for Chorus Director Development
Logon to see his full contact information.

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