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After the Contest
What are the 'Score Sheets' and where do I get mine?


If you’re a quartet member, and have competed in the past, you’ve seen this form before. If you are in a chorus, your Music Team has seen it, but you as a member of the chorus may not. These paragraphs are provided to help explain the parts of the CSA.

The CSA is the report that the Contest Administrator (CA) produces from his contest scoring computer program. He prints it out after each contestant’s scores have been entered, and) { the Associate Contest Administrator (ACA) verifies it.

These are the items on the CSA, line-by-line:
  1. The Name of the Convention
  2. The Name of the District, and Location of the Contest
  3. The Date of the Session
  4. The Session Name
  5. The Order of Your Appearance, and a place for the CA to write the rank when the session is over
  6. The Name of The Contestant, and the Judges Numbers
  7. The Name of the First Song, Scores, Song Total, and Song Average
  8. The Name of the Second Song, Scores, Song Total, and Song Average
  9. Totals for each Category, Total Session Score, and Average
  10. Average for each Category
  11. Previous score (This would display if the session was Finals session with scores from the Semi-Finals session being added)
  12. The Total Score, and Average
  13. The Keys to the Judges Numbers
  14. Below the Judges names are descriptions of the Scoring Categories


SPEBSQSA, Inc. International Chorus Preliminaries and District Quartet Convention
Mid-Atlantic District, Wildwood, New Jersey
October 3, 2003
Semi-Final Round
Order of Appearance – 14      Rank ______
The 4 Singers M01 M02 M03 P04 P05 P06 S07 S08 S09    
Sweet Adeline 62 65 67 70 65 66 63 66 61 585 65.0
Down Our Way 65 67 70 72 71 69 67 68 65 614 68.2
CATEGORY/SESSION TOTALS 396     413     390 1199 66.7
CATEGORY AVERAGES 66.0     68.8     65.0    
PREVIOUS POINTS               0 0.0
TOTAL/AVERAGE               1199 66.7

M1=Bob White, M2=Joe Shmoe, M3=Hi Liter, P4=Ken Smith, P5=Archie Campbell,
P6=Fred Flintstone, S1=Barnie Rubble, S2=Singh Tomee, S3=Don T’ance

After the CSA is printed, it is placed with the other CSAs arranged by score in descending order. When the Contest is over, the CA hand writes the rank number in the spot provided. Evaluation information may be attached to the CSA. Once the scores are verified at the end of the contest and announcements are made, the CA or ACA will deliver the CSA to an official contestant representative.

Official Scoring Summary (OSS)

This is the report that everyone wants as soon as the contest session is over, the Score Sheet. The OSS is a composite listing of all the competitors; what songs they sang; how they scored in each category for each song; a total score and an average.

The Report does not show what each judge awarded, but instead it shows the aggregate total each category.

Here are all the past score sheets.

For questions and information about these programs contact:
Ig Jakovac
M-AD District VP for Contest & Judging

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