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Mid-Atlantic District
Friday, Apr 23, 2021
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Contest & Judging Informations
Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic District's Homepage
for Contest and Judging!

On these pages you will find all of the information we have on the judging process for contests in our District. We have Category explanations, Style definitions, example scoring sheets and much, much more.

Contest Philosophy
The District Mission Statement
Why compete in a contest?
The Barbershop Style
An interesting article found on the Society Web Site
Judging and Scoring Explained
Shared Elements
Music Category
Presentation Category
Singing Category
Rules and Regulations
BHS Contest Rules
Collegiate Contest Rules
Seniors Contest Rules
Spring Prelims Convention Regulations
Division Convention Regulations
Fall District Convention Regulations
Most Improved Chorus Definition
Novice Quartet Definition
Mixed Quartet Definition
Statement of Policy (coming soon...)
Standard District Bylaws
The C&J Handbook includes:
Music Category
Presentation Category
Singing Category
Category Overlap
Contest Administrators Category
List of District Sponsored Contests

Quartet and Chorus Entry for All Contests

After The Contest
Understanding the Contestant Scoring Analysis (CSA)
Understanding the Official Scoring Summary (OSS)
How do you measure your success/progress?
Evaluation Session Feedback Form ( Under Construction )

Archived Contest Scores

Lists of MAD Judges by category

For questions and information about these programs contact:
Ig Jakovac
M-AD District VP for Contest & Judging

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