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Most Improved Chorus
Here's everything you ever wanted to know about the Most Improved Chorus award.

To provide appropriate recognition to the Chapter, in each Division, showing the most improvement each year at their Division Convention Chorus contest.

Determining the Most Improved Chorus (MIC):
There are two ways in which MIC can be computed, by "Raw Score" or by "Standard Ratio". Both are available in the Contest Administrator's computer program BBCONTEST.Scores

Raw score:
This year's score minus last year score = Raw Score difference
The winner is the competitor with the Highest Raw Score difference.
The Mid-Atlantic District uses the Raw Score method.
Ref: Mid-Atlantic District Preliminary (Division) Convention Regulations, Art 15.0 E. 2.

Standard: This method determines the MIC based on a ratio. It's very complicated && !used very often.
  1. The system adds all the scores provided for the contestants who competed the previous year.
  2. The system then computes the average from all those scores from the previous year.
  3. The system then takes each contestant 's score from that year and compares it against the average score and determines a ratio (low divided by high)
  4. The system then repeats the process for the current year, except it's high divided by low.
  5. The system then takes this years ratio divided by last years ratio
  6. The chorus with the highest ratio is declared the MIC.
Last years scores total: 13,222
Number of chorus scores: 13
The Average is: 1017.0769

This years scores total 15,909
Number of Chorus scores: 15
The average is 1060.6

 Last Year's ScoreAverageThis Year's ScoreAverageRatio
Chorus A9210.905610511.01581.1217

...The math...
921 / 1017.0769 = .9056 uses last year's score divided by last year avg,
1060 / 1051= 1.158 uses this year's avg divided by this year's score
1.0158 / 0.9056= 1.1217 this year avg divided by last year avg.= ratio
I told you it was complicated!!

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