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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021
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Chapter: Hell's Kitchen, NY J-128
Meets on:Thursday 7:00 pm
Meeting Site:Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School
Meeting Address:120 W 46th St
New York, NY 10036
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Web Site: www.voicesofgotham.org
Email: info@voicesofgotham.org

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Choruses / Groups
Voices of Gotham (Men)
Gotham (Mixed)
Sirens of Gotham (Women)

Chapter Officers
Musical Director: Anna Chelak*
Musical Director: Sam Bunting*
Musical Director: Larry Bomback*
President: Meredith Rich*
President: Dylan Lupo
Immediate Past President: Braden Lynk
Vice President, Music and Performance: Braden Lynk
Vice President Marketing & PR: David Lloyd
Vice President, Membership: Doug Brown
Secretary: Guy Kern-Martin
Treasurer: Anthony Fortino
Board Member at Large: Tyler Indyck
Board Member at Large: Nick Taber
Board Member at Large: Jonathan Riviere
Board Member at Large: Frank Ruggiero
HCE Champion: Tom McQueeney*
Chapter Advocate: Bill Kruse
(*=Manually Added)

Chapter Members
Louis Ades
Norman Althof
Baz Baz
Michael Berkson
Hilary Berryman
Harry Bickford
Eric Blum
Adam Bock
Erik Bohman
Larry Bomback
Doug Brown
Ryan Brown
Sam Bunting
Phil Cheasebro
Anna Chelak
Colleen Christi Willett
Ron Cinnella
Shaanan Cohney
Haley Cole
Kiara Contreras
Bryce Cooney
Charles Crocco
Elizabeth Culbertson
Anderson Daniel
  Danielle Davidson
Alexis DePersia-Norelli
Pookie Dingle Jr.
Charlotte Dow
Bill Ferns
Tyler Fish !!
Gary Ford
Anthony Fortino
Matt Gallagher
Vik Ganti
Nick Gordon
Chris Granger
Jared Graveley
Aaron Greller
Rafi Hasib
Ben Henley
Teresa Heuser
Elsa Higby
BJ Hillinck
Bradley Hoff
Emily Kaplan
Guy Kern-Martin
Madelyn Kish
Sammy Lai
  Sam Levisay
David Lloyd
Jack Lundquist
Braden Lynk
Jonothon Lyons Lyons
Varun Mangalick
Alex McCoy
Tom McQueeney
Max Mellman
Katherine Menard Rust
Greg Mercado
Mitchell Milch
Mika Nagashima
Helen O'Rourke
Stephanie Ofshinsky
Jude Olney
Laura Packer
Laura Paglione
Mark Paul
Don Pflaster
Meredith Rich
Nina Riffaud
Jonathan Riviere
Alexander Ronneburg
  Frank Ruggiero
Matt Saucier
Nate Savalza
Sam Scarrow
Adam Schechter
Steve Severinghaus
Gabriel Spector
Raymond Sultan
Jackie Sunderland
Nick Taber
Mira Taferner
Stephanie Taglianetti
Laser Thomas
Vicki Tisch
Richard Townsend
Tom Tyson
John Ward
Rob Weber
Jeremy Weissmann
Spencer Wight
Phil Wilcox
Cy Wood
Zeke Zhang
† indicates Hall of Honor member
◊ indicates Chapter Barbershopper of the Year
There are 95 total members affiliated with this chapter.
62 of them are active, 0 inactive.
!! indicates members with bouncing email addresses.
1 out of 95 members of your chapter are NOT receiving vital information.
That's only 1% ... Not bad!
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Min=25, Max=82
Average=38.13, StndDeviation=1.55

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