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Chapter: Hells Kitchen, NY J-128
Chorus Name:Voices of Gotham
Meets on:Thursday 7:00 pm
Meeting Site:Metro Baptist Church
Meeting Address:410 W. 40th St.
New York, NY 10018
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Web Site: www.voicesofgotham.org
Email: info@voicesofgotham.org

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Chapter Officers
Musical Director: Nick Gordon*
Musical Director: BJ Hillinck*
President: Rafi Hasib
Immediate Past President: Nemo Ashong
Vice President, Music and Performance: Laser Thomas
Vice President Marketing & PR: Brian Lindvall
Vice President, Membership: BJ Hillinck
Secretary: Dylan Lupo
Treasurer: Braden Lynk
Board Member at Large: Spencer Wight
Assistant Director: Matt Gallagher
Librarian: John Maderazo
HCE Champion: Tom McQueeney*
Chapter Advocate: Bill Kruse
(*=Manually Added)

Chapter Members
Palmer Aguirre
Norman Althof
Billy Anderson
Nemo Ashong
Michael Berkson
Harry Bickford
Eric Blum
Adam Bock
Erik Bohman
Larry Bomback
Doug Brown
Ryan Brown
Ron Cinnella
Bryce Cooney
Charles Crocco
Adam Csatadi
Gus Curry
Jose Da Silva
Matt Davis
Pookie Dingle Jr.
Josh Ehrlich
  Eric Engelhardt
Ariel Estrada
Bill Ferns
Anthony Fortino
Jon Fosdick
Matt Gallagher
Jeff Glemboski
Nick Gordon
Chris Granger
Aaron Greller
Rafi Hasib
David Hason
Iain Haukka
Vinny Haynes
BJ Hillinck
Michael Ho
Bradley Hoff
Brian Lindvall
DeVon Lineman
Andrew Long
Dylan Lupo
  Marcus Luxemburg
Braden Lynk
John Maderazo
Mike Marron
Alex McCoy
Tom McQueeney
Max Mellman
Tony Milillo
Bob Murphy
CJ Pacelli
Mark Paul
Richard Portune
Pooch Pucciariello
Brad Reed
Adam Reneer
Tito Reyes
Matt Saucier
Nate Savalza
Sam Scarrow
Dan Scott
Steve Severinghaus
  Russell Shelp
Steve Skolnick
Bill Stauffer
Jeff Steinhardt
Raymond Sultan
Nick Tabor
Bern Tan
Laser Thomas
Alistair Thurber
Richard Townsend
Tom Tyson !!
Jedd Vergara
Rob Weber
Larry Weiss
Jeremy Weissmann
Leo Wiggins
Spencer Wight
Phil Wilcox
Cy Wood
† indicates Hall of Honor member
There are 82 total members affiliated with this chapter.
82 of them are active.

!! indicates members with bouncing email addresses.
1 out of 82 members of your chapter are NOT receiving vital information.
That's only 1% ... Not bad!
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Min=18, Max=79
Average=37.27, StndDeviation=1.67

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