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Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021
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Chapter: Hershey, PA J-131
Meets on:
Meeting Site:Daybreak Church
Meeting Address:1920 Good Hope Road
Enola, PA 17025
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Web Site: www.parksideharmony.org
Email: manager@parksideharmony.org

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Choruses / Groups
Parkside Harmony (Men)
Parkside Melody (Women)

Chapter Officers
President: Sean Devine
Executive Vice President: Tom Clippinger
Vice President, Music and Performance: Brian Schreiner
Vice President, Music and Performance: Steve Kirsch
Vice President Marketing & PR: James Isley
Vice President, Membership: Jay Williams
Vice President, Operations: Joshua Whitney
Chapter Financial Development & Review: Tom Nisbet
Secretary: John Cosgrove
Treasurer: Lamar Bortner
Treasurer: Tom Nisbet
Board Member at Large: Tom Nisbet
Board Member at Large: Katie Macdonald
Board Member at Large: Tom Halley
Board Member at Large: VJ Vlcej
Board Member at Large: Rick Crider
Vice President, Youth In Harmony: Douglas Beach
Chapter Advocate: Rob France, Jr.

Chapter Members
Penn Almoney
Cindy Austin
Mike Baguley
Douglas Beach
Jared Becker
Lamar Bortner
Brad Brooks
Greg Brown
Will Bryan
Nikki Burkhardt
Jay Butterfield
Chas Byram
Michael Cawley
Theresa Chambers
Connor Chapman
Stephanie Chelston
Dana Cinque
Tom Clippinger
Jon Clunies
Alex Corson
John Cosgrove
Jill Coyne
  Rick Crider
Bobby Crist III !!
Sean Devine
Pookie Dingle Jr.
Jordan Dubois
Chris Dugan
AJ Frownfelter
Ben Galle
Marian Garven
Donna Halley
Tom Halley
Chuck Hamrick
Katie Hamrick
Rafi Hasib
Ed Herring
Dan Hersh
Joe Hidalgo
Melody Hine
Kevin Juliana
Steve Kirsch
Hal Kraft
Ken Kuntz
  Jill Larrimore
Maddie Larrimore
Kelcey Lee
Richard Lewellen
Bill MacClinchy
Katie Macdonald
Tina Mastrull
Cody Messersmith
Gary Mishler
Thomas Moyer
Tom Nisbet
Joe O'Donnell
Brian Paulhamus
Tim Peterson
Cavan Potee
Kayla Ressler
Shaun Ressler
Justin Ross
Megan Ross
Brian Sagrestano
Vincent Sandroni
Bob Schellhamer
  Michael Schlott
Darren Schmidt
Brian Schreiner
Ed Schubel
Jerry Schwebel
Julie Sinkoff
Michael Skutt
Greg Spaulding
Rachel Staffin
Pearl Steinel
Cynthia Stem
Ellen Stemler
Paul Stober
Jim Varhola
VJ Vlcej
Carissa Wilkinson
Jay Williams
Ian Wolfe
Freddie Womer
Patrick Wood
Drew Xentaras
Chris Yates
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63 of them are active, 0 inactive.
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