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Mid-Atlantic District
Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Chapter: Richmond, VA J-49
Meets on:Tuesday 7:00
Meeting Site:Chamberlayne Baptist Church
Meeting Address:215 Wilkinson Road
Richmond, VA 23227
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Web Site: www.virginians.org
Email: adlerpj@comcast.net

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Choruses / Groups
The Virginians (men)

Chapter Officers
Musical Director: Mike Wallen
President: Pete Adler
Immediate Past President: Jerry Candrilli
Vice President, Music and Performance: Andy Kain
Vice President Marketing & PR: Jim Bova
Vice President, Membership: Pat Stapleton
Vice President, Program: Mark Gennari
Secretary: Bill Thompson
Treasurer: Jim Chappell
Board Member at Large: Bill Hockman
Board Member at Large: Rob Brocklehurst
Board Member at Large: Bob Wilson
Board Member at Large: Bruce Powers
Chapter Advocate: Hardman Jones

Chapter Members
Eddie Abrahims
Pete Adler
Craig Allen
Bob Andrus
Paul Archibald
Dave Bailey
Bill Ballinger
Scott Beach
Tom Berkey
Jim Bova
Rob Brocklehurst
Larry Callagher
Craig Campbell
Jerry Candrilli
Vinny Capaccio
Jim Chappell
Dan Cook
Rick Cox
Dean Crawford
Ron Davidson
  Del Dean
Kevin Dmytriw
Bill Dutcher
Mike Fitch
Roy Foster
Gene Gable
Clayton Geipel
Mike Geipel
Mark Gennari
Slim Hartley
Dale Hershberger
Bill Hockman
Paul Hutnyan
Larry Jefferson
Hardman Jones
Kevin Jones
Tom Jordan
Andy Kain
John Kirk
Russ Knapp
Barry Krebs
  Richard Krieg
Paul Lensch
Bobby Lloyd
Dave MacMillan
Dave Maris
Paul Martin, Jr.
Jeff Mauro
Gary McAuliffe
Jim McConnell
Sam McFarland, III
John Meyer
Keeth Miller
Scott Miller
Matt Moore
Travis Murray
Jim Myers
Charlie Negri
Harold Nelson
Ron Nichols
Zack Owen
Gary Parker
  Robbie Pinkleton, Jr.
Gary Plaag
Gray Poehler
Bruce Powers
Chandler Pridgen
Tyler Rackley
E.A. Reinhardt
Pat Stapleton
Warren Strandberg
Roger Tarpy
Gene Thompson
Vic Thompson
Bill Thompson
Emmitt Totty
Mike Wallen
James Whitney
Bob Wilson
Dave Wilt
† indicates Hall of Honor member
◊ indicates Chapter Barbershopper of the Year
There are 81 total members affiliated with this chapter.
81 of them are active, 0 inactive.
Min=26, Max=94
Average=66.89, StndDeviation=1.35

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