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Chapter: Fairfax, VA J-51
Chorus Name:Fairfax Jubil-Aires
Meets on:7:30 pm every Wednesday
Meeting Site:Lord of Life Lutheran Church (West)
Meeting Address:13421 Twin Lakes Drive
Clifton, VA 20124
   Google Map
Web Site: www.fairfaxjubilaires.org
Email: jdonaldcollier@verizon.net

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Chapter Officers
Musical Director: Richard Lewellen
President: Don Collier
Immediate Past President: Alex Laufer
Vice President, Music and Performance: Cliff Shoemaker
Vice President Marketing & PR: Cris Revaz
Vice President, Membership: Aaron Watts
Secretary: Phil Merkel
Recording Secretary: Ray LaTurno
Treasurer: John Collier
Board Member at Large: Gerry Grimes
Board Member at Large: John Schulkins
Board Member at Large: Ron Obermeyer
Board Member at Large: Daniel Patton
Assistant Director: Frank Jefferson
Assistant Director: John Knueven
Chorus Manager: Cliff Shoemaker
Show Chairman: Gerry Grimes
HCE Champion: Alex Laufer*
(*=Manually Added)

Chapter Members
Nick Aiuto
Gregory Anderson
Jim Barrett
Pete Baum
Dale Bird
Joe Blair
Denny Bley
Justin Clark
Don Collier
John Collier
Austin Cotton
Kevin Deasy
James Depret-Guillaume
Bob Eamigh
Dell Ewing
George Ewing !!
Frank Fedarko
  Doug First
Drew Fuller
Fred Geldon
Perry Grano
Gerry Grimes
Jeff Grimm
Frank Jefferson
Bert Johnson
Walt Johnson
Doug Jones
Ken Jones
Joe Keady
Jaxon Knecht
John Knueven
Wes Kriebel
Ray LaTurno
Alex Laufer
  Roger Lemieux
Richard Lewellen
Bill McDonald
Sam McFarland, III
Palmer McGrew
Art Medici
Phil Merkel
Bruce Minnick
Randy Moller
Terry Moore
Ron Obermeyer
Daniel Patton
Larry Pigue
Cris Revaz
Chris Rigano
Randy Rogers
Bob Ruckle, Jr.
  Jim Ruwaldt
Jeff Salino
Eric Sandler
Bob Scarlett
John Schulkins
John Shields
Cliff Shoemaker
Dick Smull
Chris Susalka
Pat Varre
Bob Wakefield
Aaron Watts
Gordon West
David Whitney
Robert Winer
Larry Wright
Bob Zalenski, Sr
There are 68 total members affiliated with this chapter.
68 of them are active, 0 inactive.
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