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Mid-Atlantic District
Thursday, Jan 21, 2021
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Chapter: North Brookhaven, NY J-67
Meets on:Monday 7:30
Meeting Site:Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall
Meeting Address:380 Nicolls Rd
Stony Brook, NY 11733
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Web Site: www.harbormen.org
Email: harbormen@itsmain.com

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Choruses / Groups
The Harbormen (Men)

Chapter Officers
President: Chris Beattie
President: Arthur Smith
Immediate Past President: Walter Baepler
Immediate Past President: Chris Beattie
Vice President, Music and Performance: Fred Richards
Vice President Marketing & PR: Paul Miklean
Vice President Marketing & PR: Walter Baepler
Vice President, Membership: Fred Conway
Vice President, Membership: Michael Mosolino
Vice President, Program: David Lance
Secretary: Arthur Smith
Secretary: David Lance
Treasurer: Roger Schaefer
Board Member at Large: Ron Homa
Board Member at Large: Tony Begley
Board Member at Large: Rob Roehrig
Board Member at Large: Michael Mosolino
Board Member at Large: Fred Conway
Board Member at Large: Rick Meier
HCE Champion: David Lance*
(*=Manually Added)

Chapter Members
Walter Baepler
Chris Beattie
Tony Begley
Dennis Browning
Don Buckley
Fred Conway
Lucio Costanzo
Vic Fiorillo
Ron Homa
David Lance
  John Lewis
Rick Meier
Paul Miklean
Herb Mordkoff
Bob Morris
Michael Mosolino
Rob Ozman
Jack Randazzo
Fred Richards
Rob Roehrig
  Roger Schaefer
Arthur Smith
Joshua Smith
Steven Smith
Rob Sternberg
Don Van Der Kolk
Gary Wilson
Dave Wu
◊ indicates Chapter Barbershopper of the Year
There are 28 total members affiliated with this chapter.
27 of them are active, 0 inactive.
Min=18, Max=90
Average=69.22, StndDeviation=0.56

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