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Mid-Atlantic District
Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021
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Chapter: Hamilton Square, NJ J-87
Meets on:Wednesday 7:00
Meeting Site:Richard C. Crockett Middle School
Meeting Address:2631 Kuzer Rd.
Hamilton, NJ 08691
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Web Site: www.brothersinharmony.org
Email: kenyon.hicks@gmail.com

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Choruses / Groups
The Brothers in Harmony (Men)

Chapter Officers
Musical Director: Jack, Jr. Pinto*
Musical Director: Brian Mastrull*
President: Garry Warlow
President: Tom Befi
Vice President, Music and Performance: Bud Miller, Jr*
Vice President, Music and Performance: JT Thompson
Vice President, Membership: Ray Murphy*
Vice President, Membership: Mike Harris
Vice President, Membership: Mike Silverstein
Director of Finance: Alan Hardy
Secretary: Ken Hicks
Treasurer: Alan Hardy
Board Member at Large: Michael Heenehan
Assistant Director: Brian Mastrull*
HCE Champion: Jack McDermott*
Uniform Chairman: Andrew Gensey, Jr*
Chapter Advocate: Bud Miller, Jr
(*=Manually Added)

Chapter Members
Ken Albinson
Tom Anderson
Tom Befi
Joe Berger
Buzz Berger
Vern Blose
Ari Brafman
Nick Buonvicino
Pat Cerillo
Paul Cohen
Art Cole
Joe Connelly
Tom De Bruin
Allan Dean
Dennis Dixon
  Mark Dubivsky
Stephen Dunie
David Epstein
Jim Ewin
John Forziati
Rich Galdi
Andrew Gensey, Jr
Donald Goodrich
Alan Hardy
Mike Harris
Michael Heenehan
Ken Hicks
Greg Horst
Marty Israel
Vick Iturbides
  Adam Kaufman
Chester Klabbatz
Don Knieriem
Dan Kolls
Bob Kriebel
Brian Mastrull
Dennis McKevitt
Chuck Mears
Ray Murphy
Jamie Patricia
Jack, Jr. Pinto
Dick Prestholdt
Jim Rohn
Ed Rounsaville
John Russo
  Mike Silverstein
Ed Southgate
JT Thompson
Matt Toner
John Tsigounis
Mark Van Bruggen
Garry Warlow
Jim Williams
Jeff Winik
Ed Wlazlowski
John Yates
Steven Zellers
† indicates Hall of Honor member
◊ indicates Chapter Barbershopper of the Year
There are 57 total members affiliated with this chapter.
57 of them are active, 0 inactive.
Min=28, Max=87
Average=63.91, StndDeviation=1.06

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