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Sunday, Mar 7, 2021
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Chapter: State College, PA J-98
Meets on:Monday 7:00 PM
Meeting Site:South Hills School of Business & Technology
Meeting Address:480 Waupelani Dr
State College, PA 16801
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Web Site: nittanyknights.org
Email: jimkerhin@yahoo.com

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Choruses / Groups
The Nittany Knights (Men)

Chapter Officers
Musical Director: Graham Sanders
President: Bill Drosnes
Vice President, Music and Performance: Paul Wagner
Vice President Marketing & PR: Selden Smith
Vice President, Membership: Terry Roof
Vice President, Student Activities: Bill Drosnes
Secretary: John Parmelee
Secretary Substitute: Brian Humm
Treasurer: John Palmgren
Board Member at Large: Jim Kerhin
Board Member at Large: Terry Roof
Board Member at Large: Don Bingaman
Board Member at Large: Mark Ciletti
Assistant Director: Logan Hill
Assistant Director: Rick Crider
Assistant Director: Paul Wagner
Chapter Webmaster: Brian Humm
Chorus Manager: Jim Kerhin
Chapter Contact: John Parmelee
Chapter Contact: Jim Kerhin
Email Contact: John Parmelee
Singing Valentine Contact: Bill Drosnes
Librarian: Paul Hamilton
Librarian: Rodger Smith
Sunshine Chairman: James Decker
Sunshine Chairman: Rick Crider
Delegate: John Parmelee
Historian: Paul Wagner
HCE Champion: Ken Ake*
Uniform Chairman: Jeff Snowman
Chapter Advocate: James Decker
(*=Manually Added)

Chapter Members
Mike Andriaccio
Don Bingaman
John Bittikofer
Bruce Brower
Doug Buchanan
Gary Buterbaugh
Bob Campbell
Mark Ciletti
Galen Claar
Rick Crider
James Decker
  Rich Delozier, Jr.
Bill Drosnes
Paul Hamilton
Brian Humm
Jim Kerhin
Wayne Koch
Mike Kuzio
Rob Oelhaf
John Palmgren
John Parmelee
Doug Rhoads
  Terry Roof
Graham Sanders
Rodger Smith
Selden Smith
Jeff Snowman
Joseph Tanfani
John Tate
Fred Thompson
John Tyndall
Paul Wagner
◊ indicates Chapter Barbershopper of the Year
There are 32 total members affiliated with this chapter.
31 of them are active, 0 inactive.
Min=40, Max=93
Average=69.84, StndDeviation=0.49

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