2005 District Collegiate Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Monday, Nov 30, 2020
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Chorus Listing
Morris Music Men (Men)
Chapter: Morris County, NJ
Northern Division

Chorus Members
Jerry Allocco
Craig Barth
Arnie Beilin
Jerry de Geus
Deke Dening
Dennis Dittrick
Paul Donohue
Tom Epp
Peter Heyman
  Tim Hoerning
David Lauri Pla
Herb Mordkoff
Albert Nittolo
James Ohern
Rich Petillo
Kelly Richvalsky
Roman Salij
Terry Scullin
  Pete Sherwood
Dave Sipple
Gary Spencer
Harry Tysen
David Williams
Jim Williams
Charly Wurster
Arthur Zinn
There are 26 total members affiliated with this chorus.
Min=37, Max=87
Average=69.08, StndDeviation=0.57

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