2004 District Seniors Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Chorus Listing
Country Gentlemen
Chapter: Bucks County, PA

Chorus Members
Jimmie Balch
Daren Bratis
Ron Bratis
Cory Brictson
Stephanie Brictson
Chas Byram
Clayton Cross
Dick Feindler
Patrick Finnegan
Erik Fleischer
Rob France, Jr.
Richard Gaylord
Andrew Gensey, Jr
  Steve Greenwell
Tim Grell
Robert Gualtieri
Andy Gurwood
William Hoerr
CJ Hunt
Dave Ives
Rick Kern
Chuck Lower
Paul Mangan
Bill Mann
David Mindel
S. Lester Moyer
  Mike Nee
Fred Nobbs
Bob Nyce
Hugh Pepper
Jim Plastaras
Don Rider
Nick Scull
Lewis Taylor
Frank Thomas, Jr.
Lloyd Vansant
Seth Wohl
William Yerkes
There are 38 total members affiliated with this chorus.
Min=15, Max=94
Average=62.53, StndDeviation=0.43

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