2003 District Seniors Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Thursday, Jun 20, 2019
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Chorus Listing
Commodore Chorus
Chapter: Norfolk, VA

Chorus Members
Steve Allen
WD Bankart
Norm Barbee
Leon Bernard
Bill Bishop
Boyd Black
Jim Byrd
Bill Byrd
Dick DeLuca
Dave Deuell
Tyler Donohoo
David Edgington
  Ian Galvin
Josh Hartman
Bill Heyer, Jr
Bruce Jordan
Rich Kessmann
Andrew Killgore
Red Mann
Joe Mayer !!
Pablo McKune
Scott Monter
Henry O'Neill
Pat Patrick
  Bob Patterson
Johnny Pollard, Sr.
Cal Prahl
Bob Rack
Jeff Robinson
Ron Soreil
Bill Waters !!
Dave Watts
Van White
Ross Wilkins
Keifer Willyard
There are 35 total members affiliated with this chorus.
!! indicates 2 members with bouncing email addresses.
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Min=20, Max=91
Average=65.94, StndDeviation=0.78

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