2005 District Collegiate Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Monday, Nov 30, 2020
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Chorus Listing
Chorus of the Atlantic (Men)
Chapter: Red Bank Area, NJ
Northern Division

Chorus Members
Joe Bullwinkel
Tom Cameron
Chris D'Agostino
Tom De Bruin
Allan Dean
Richard Dunne
Andy Ferreira
Frank Glaz
Jon Greene
  Bruce Hanson
JT Huetz
Joseph LeCompte
Robert Maber
Jack McDermott
Tony Milillo
Doc Nickel
Armando Orsini
Chris Papa
  Charles Rein
Paul Richtmyer
Terry Schmalzried
Trevor Silakowski
Ray Smith
Kirk Thomson
Herb Van Note
Ray Volz
There are 26 total members affiliated with this chorus.
Min=26, Max=95
Average=72.27, StndDeviation=0.20

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