1986 International Chorus Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Chorus Listing
The Pine Barons
Chapter: Cherry Hill, NJ

Chorus Members
Andy Anderson
Bruce Barker
Thaddeus Bialy
John Brook
Richard Budesa
Christopher Bush
Ronald Cappuccio
John Celani !!
Chat Chatelain
Andrew Clare
Christopher Cook
Randy Deger
  Jim Dodd
Roy Eckert
Charles Edgerton
Barry Eintracht
Al Evans
James Evans
Andrew Frumento
Bob Gorman
Rich Gray, Jr
James Griffin
Eric Herr
Jeff Hudson
  Richard Jones
Joe Kernizan
Jeff Knightly
Talbot Kramer
dan Little
George Neff
Wes Osborn
Steven Ritz
Tony Romano
Rocco Rosetti
Jet San Juan
Adam Schechter
  Joel Schwartz
Jim Scollay
Jules Seder
Bob Sellman
Bob Stolber
Michael Thornton
Frank Vasile
Michael Weaver
Gary Williams !!
Richard Wolff
There are 46 total members affiliated with this chorus.
!! indicates 2 members with bouncing email addresses.
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Min=23, Max=90
Average=64.04, StndDeviation=0.76

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