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Mid-Atlantic District
Friday, Aug 14, 2020
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Chorus Listing
Heart of Maryland (Men)
Chapter: Patapsco Valley, MD
Southern Division

Chorus Members
Joe Biddle
Tim Buell
Rich Burger
Alex Burval
Joe Chilcoat
Jerry Chouinard
John Dawson
Sam Doolittle
Tim Erickson
Don Farabaugh
Rich Freedman
Jeff Hensel
Bob Hirsh
  Alan L Katz Katz
Larry Klein
George Korch !!
Rob Langston
Ted Logue, Jr.
Al Mazzoni
Roger Nale
Tom Nisbet
Patrick Nussear
Glenn Phillips
Cavan Potee
Dick Powell
Lee Ramsburg
  Rob Richards
Vern Rodes
John Santora
Scotty Scott
Clinton Scott
Phil Sticha
Tom Vasold
Dominick Versace
Jack Watters
Jeff Whall
Mel Wilhoit
Jr Wright
There are 38 total members affiliated with this chorus.
!! indicates 1 members with bouncing email addresses.
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Min=26, Max=86
Average=64.95, StndDeviation=0.71

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