2015 District Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Friday, Aug 14, 2020
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Chorus Listing
Singing Capital Chorus (Men)
Chapter: District of Columbia, DC
Southern Division

Chorus Members
Sam Briefs
Charlie Carroll
Bill Carroll
Jamie Catterall
Bryan Close
Eric Cohen
Bill Colosimo
Jim Cullen
Tim Day
Ned Duffy
Randall Eliason
Steven Ellner
  Rich Gorsky
Kevin Hacker
Al Hanenbaum
Bob Hirsh
Chuck Hunter
Jim Kirkland
Jim Lake
Stanley Marcuss
John David Maybury
Dave Morrissette
Fred Peters
Edward Regnier
  Calvin Schnure
Allen Snyder
Alex Sonski
Don Spero
Steve Spriggs
John Taber
John Terrill
Bob Wells
David Wexler
Torsten Wezel
Marc Wolfson
Jack Worrow
There are 36 total members affiliated with this chorus.
Min=24, Max=84
Average=63.83, StndDeviation=0.87

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