2007 International Collegiate Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Saturday, Aug 17, 2019
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Official Order of Appearance for the
Fall District Convention (#116)

Santander Performing Arts Center 136 North 6th St Reading, PA 19601
Oct 4-5, 2019

This is an un-ordered list of competitors. Contest Drawing is still pending.
This is not the final singing order.
Some groups register hardships, restricting them to a specific session.
Session 1
Quartet Semi-Finals, Friday Night
Friday 5:00pm
Session 2
Chorus Contest, Saturday Morning
Saturday 9:00am
Session 3
Quartet Finals, Saturday Night
Saturday 7:00pm
Always Sunny
** 1 Contestants **
No contestants for this session yet.
No contestants for this session yet.
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Notes for Competitors:
Quartet stage check: 2:00-4:00 PM, Friday, October 4, 2019. First come, first served. Three minutes each, unless no one else is waiting, in which case the group on stage may remain until another group shows up. No sign-up required. This is self-policed by the competitors. Please be nice . Chorus stage check: not available. Please do not bring your chorus on stage and attempt to get used to the stage during quartet stage time on Friday or after hours. Friday night quartet semi-finals start: 5:00 PM Saturday morning chorus finals start: 9:00 AM Saturday night quartet finals start: 7:00 PM Every competitor must have a registration to enter the stage to compete. Registrations will be checked by the guides in your warm-up room. Posed photos are taken while on stage following each competitor's performance. NOTE: Once the draw for singing order is done, it's done (with rare exceptions). If you have hardships (must perform at a certain time, share members with another competitor and need at least one group between groups, etc.) you must inform the DRCJ (Gary Plaag) of the hardship prior to the draw for singing order. The draw for singing order will occur a short time after August 15, 2019. If you discover a hardship situation AFTER the draw you are responsible for arranging a swap with another group. Please DO let the DRCJ know what you arrange so the schedule can be changed accordingly. Video/Audio recordings are available for purchase from Mike Kelly. You may pre-purchase recordings of your group's performance(s) on the MAD web page for this contest once the competitor list is populated (after Aug 15, 2019). You must indicate that you want to participate in evaluations with the judges. This year there will be multiple options from which your group can select its preference. More details on that will be available after Aug 15. Quartets must identify at least 4 songs with which they will compete (since it's possible that any quartet could move through to the finals). Each chorus must identify at least 2 songs. Questions: Contact DRCJ Gary Plaag - gplaagbhs@gmail.com

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