2005 District Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Official Order of Appearance for the
Atlantic Division Convention (#21)

Lancaster, PA
May 18-19, 2012
Session 1
Quartet Final, Friday Night
Friday 6:00pm
Session 2
Chorus Contest, Saturday Morning
Saturday 9:00am
MT: MAD Hatters
1 - North Penn Four
2 - Cuatro Singo
3 - Quatrain (Sr)
4 - Ring The Rafters
5 - On The Road
    SURPRISE! scratched
6 - Electric Chords
7 - Escapade
8 - Mainsail
9 - Backswing
10 - Born To Sing
    *** 15-min Intermission ***
11 - Offbeat (Clg)
12 - Distinction
13 - Gimme Four
14 - Four TRAK Sound
15 - Starting Over (Sr)
16 - Tongue In Cheek (Sr)
17 - Bazinga
18 - Limelight
19 - BIG STUFF and the boys
20 - Pay Day
21 - Why Not?
** 21 Contestants **
1 - Lancaster Red Rose, PA
2 - Queen Annes County, MD
3 - Cherry Hill, NJ
4 - Princeton, NJ
5 - State College, PA
6 - Lewisburg, PA
7 - Philadelphia, PA
8 - Allegany County, MD
9 - Wilmington, DE
10 - Hamilton Square, NJ
11 - Anne Arundel, MD
12 - Milford, DE
13 - Harrisburg, PA
    *** 15-min Intermission ***
14 - Harford County, MD
15 - Carroll County, MD
16 - Patapsco Valley, MD
17 - Abington-Levittown, PA
18 - Bryn Mawr, PA
19 - Lansdale, PA
20 - Pottstown, PA
21 - Bucks County, PA
22 - Lebanon, PA
23 - Dundalk, MD
    Salisbury, MD scratched
24 - Reading, PA
** 24 Contestants **
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Notes for Competitors:

1. Please note that ALL competitors must be in possession of an all-events convention registration in order to be eligible to compete. This applies to each quartet member and each chorus member. We will be checking convention registrations so please have your registration on your person when you enter the backstage area. Registrations can be purchased on-line.

2. Quartets please note that pre-contest stage time for you will be Friday afternoon 3:00-4:00 PM at 3 minutes each. The DVP-C&J will have a sign-up sheet available by the stage area. Stage tests will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once it appears that there are no more quartets interested in testing the stage and those on the sign-up list have completed their stage tests, the pre-contest stage time will end.

3. If your quartet is interested in an evaluation session following the Friday night contest session, please recall that you must schedule an evaluation and pay your $20 deposit PRIOR TO the beginning of the contest on Friday evening. It would be helpful if you submitted your $20 refundable cash deposit for the evaluation when you test the stage between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. Please note that the $20 is refunded after you complete your evaluation sessions on Friday night. If you don't specifically ask to be scheduled for an evaluation session with the judges and pay your $20 deposit, you will not be included in the evaluation schedule. No-show deposits go to the MAD YIH program.

4. Due to the early start time of the chorus contest, chorus competitor will not be granted time to "test the stage" on Saturday morning. The risers will be in the 9-riser configuration during the contest.

5. Videos and CDs can be purchased via the M-AD Website. CDs can be picked up following your session at the sound booth; Videos will be posted on the M-AD Website.

6. The top 3 quartets, top 3 choruses, and every chorus Plateau champion of each division should be prepared to sing on the Saturday night Show of Champions. The final participants in the show will be announced as the results of the chorus contest are announced.

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