2010 District Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Friday, Feb 22, 2019
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Official Order of Appearance for the
Southern Division Convention (#78)

This is also joined with
The Central Division Convention (#89)

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA, 22311
May 18-19, 2018
Session 1
Quartet Semi-Finals, Friday Afternoon/Evening
Friday 2:57pm
Session 2
Chorus Contest, Saturday Morning
Saturday 8:57am
Session 3
This is a Combined Divison Convention with Central Division
Saturday 7:00pm
    Even Money scratched
1 - Outrageous Fourtunes (Sr)
2 - TWANG! (Sr)
3 - The Retreads
4 - Men Over Chord
5 - Razzmatazz (Sr)
6 - Tags to Pitches
    Sho'N Off scratched
7 - Youth Reclamation Project (Sr)
8 - Ricochet (Sr)
9 - 6ft3
    15-minute Intermission
10 - Rewind (Sr)
11 - Riverline (Sr)
13 - Tongue in Cheek (Sr)
14 - Default Quartet Name
    Silver Alert scratched
15 - One Night Only
16 - Ear Candy
17 - The Neptuners
18 - Plaiditudes
19 - Distinction (Sr)
    45-minute Intermission
20 - Fade To Black
21 - Potomac Sound
22 - A#
23 - Capital City Close Harmony Club
24 - Retweet
25 - The Philly Special
26 - Voices In My Head
27 - Vintage Mix (Sr)
28 - SlateBlue
29 - Quin-Tones (Nov)
30 - Always Sunny (Nov)
** 30 Contestants **
MT: Mt. Vernon, VA
1 - Queen Annes County, MD
2 - Harrisonburg, VA
3 - York, PA
    Harford County, MD scratched
4 - Loudoun County, VA
5 - Harrisburg, PA
6 - Frederick, MD
7 - Norfolk, VA
8 - Cherry Hill, NJ
9 - Patapsco Valley, MD
    20-minute Intermission
10 - Dundalk, MD
11 - Germantown, MD
12 - Milford, DE
13 - Anne Arundel, MD
14 - Lansdale, PA
15 - Philadelphia, PA
16 - Fairfax, VA
17 - District of Columbia, DC
18 - Richmond, VA
MC: Gimme Four
** 18 Contestants **
1 - York, PA
2 - Cherry Hill, NJ
3 - Frederick, MD
4 - Quin-Tones
5 - Dundalk, MD
6 - Youth Reclamation Project
7 - Anne Arundel, MD
8 - Fade To Black
9 - Richmond, VA
10 - Distinction
11 - Potomac Sound
12 - Lansdale, PA
13 - Gimme Four
** 13 Contestants **
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Contest Schedule ("The Grid")

Notes for Competitors:
UPDATE!!! The quartet session on Friday will start at 2:57PM! Make your plans accordingly!

1. Please note that ALL competitors must be in possession of an all-events convention registration in order to be eligible to compete. This applies to each quartet member and each chorus member. We will be checking convention registrations (wristbands), so please be prepared to show your wristband when you enter the backstage area. Registrations can be purchased on-line.

2. Pre-contest stage time for Friday quartets: Due to the early start of the quartet contest the only opportunity to test the stage prior to the contest will be between 12:30 and 2PM.

3. QUARTETS: If your quartet is interested in an evaluation session Friday following the quartet semi-finals contest session or on Saturday night for the finalist quartets, please confirm that information with the C&J VP when he contacts you. You may select to participate in the post-contest evaluation process when you enter the contest via the Barberscore program. If you do not specifically request to participate in the evaluation process you WILL NOT be included in the evaluation schedule. If you confirm that you want to participate in the post-contest evaluations and you fail to attend the evaluations, you will be charged $20, payable to the MAD Youth Outreach program.

4. THERE WILL BE NO CHORUS TEST THE STAGE TIME on Saturday morning, prior to the official start of the chorus contest. Choruses desiring to put up risers in their assigned warm-up room should make such arrangements through VP Events, Walter Griffith, so that he can make arrangements with the hotel.

5. There is no deposit required for chorus evaluations (coaching sessions); however, if your chorus is NOT planning to attend the chorus evaluations, please let Contest and Judging VP (Gary Plaag) know that prior to the contest so that we don't schedule your chorus for one.

6. FREQUENTLY CHECK the 'grid' posted on the MAD convention webpage for the latest, most up-to-date competitor schedule. The grid WILL likely change UP UNTIL NOON ON FRIDAY MAY 18!

7. Video and audio recordings can be purchased via the MAD website. Video and audio recordings will be posted on the MAD website when they are available.

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