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Friday, Apr 23, 2021
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An honorary club within the Mid-Atlantic District
and a Society Affiliate

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In 1955, John Salin conceived the idea of an honorary chapter in the Mid-Atlantic District with membership by invitation only to men who had contributed service to the District. It failed to get organized in the first year, but in 1956 the group has its initial meeting at Allenberry "on the yellow breeches" at Boiling Springs, PA - an ideal resort area near Carlisle, PA. Soon thereafter it was accepted by the International Board of SPEBSQSA as a Society Affiliate similar to many other clubs and organizations furthering barbershop harmony.

In 2016, the owners of the Allenberry Resort sold the property. The new owners started renovations that year, and the DELA tribe was forced to find a new home for the 2016 meeting. Walter Griffith and the search committee decided on an old MAD favorite, the Carousel Resort Hotel in Ocean City, MD. The Carousel was the HQ hotel for many District contests. 2018 would be our last year at the Carousel.

In 2019, we ended up in our new 'permanent' home, "Bushkill, PA", and by all accounts, the Bushkill Inn was an oustanding succes!
Our DELA dates are as follows:
November 12-14, 2021 (2nd weekend)
November 11-13, 2022 (2nd weekend)
November 10-12, 2023 (2nd weekend)

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For RESERVATIONS, please contact the Bushkill Inn at 800-200-2978

DELA Guest Form

The name of DELASUSQUEHUDMAC was coined from the four major rivers of the Mid-Atlantic region, Delaware, Susquehanna, Hudson, and the Potomac. One of the primary purposes of "DELA" as it's come to be known is:
"to provide, by example, an incentive for other barbershoppers in the Mid-Atlantic District to work diligently for the Society and its units and to hold aloft, as recognition for successful efforts, the possibility of election to membership in the Corporation" {which is DELASUSQUEHUDMAC}.
In the organization of DELASUSQUEHUDMAC it was declared there would only be two officers - a President and a Secretary-Treasurer. All other members would be Vice-Presidents. At its first meeting, 40 members and guests were present. The Club now maintains a roster of about 100+ members and is growing steadily.

The bylaws also state:
"Membership in DELASUSQUEHUDMAC is established by its members and is based upon the candidate's musical and/or administrative voluntary service to the chapter, area, District and/or the Society."
Click here to see a listing of the Honored Members of DELASUSQUEHUDMAC

Members Payments for Dues, Donations & Prelims Breakfasts

Past Presidents
Sterling Wilson1956-1963
John Salin1964-1967
Miles Finch1968-1969
Buck Dominy1970-1971
John Cullen1972-1973
Bob Morris1974-1975
Al Thompson1976-1977
Wilber Sparks1978-1979
Leon Avakian1980-1981
Ernie Matson1982-1982
Sev Severance1983-1985
Roy Ressegue1985-1987
Bill Clipman1988-1989
Joe Kresse1990-1991
Jim Grant1992-1992
Jed Casey1993-1994
Tom Ewald1995-1996
Joe Pollio1997-1998
Bob Wachter1999-2000
Clyde Taber2001-2001
Freddie King2001-2002
Dale Thomas2003-2004
Connie Keil2005-2006
Dee Paris2007-2007
Paul Cohen2008-2009
Steve White2010-2011
Phil Steel2012-2013
Joe Berger2014-2015
Rick Ashby2016-2017
Mike Kelly2018-2020

TEAMS: DELA Members vs. Guests
The 2019 BOWL brought us a stunning come-back by the Members team, for a regulation game tie.
In sudden-death overtime, one set of downs each, ALL men on the field - the Guests squeeked out a touchdown, winning the game.
We had a record number of players this year, 8 members & 15 guests, 23 in all!

The 2018 BOWL was our last time in the SAND!
TEAMS: DELA Members vs. Guests

The Members Team reclaimed victory over the Guests. (We had to bring some guests over to the Members team, as we were outnumbered.)

The 2017 BOWL was another great SAND Game!
TEAMS: DELA Members vs. Guest Quartetters

Unfortunately, the Guests beat the Members this game. Apparently, the Members are getting older while the Guests are getting younger.

Click here to see the Winners!

The 2016 BOWL was a new experience for us - we got to play in the SAND!
Great weather and great guys playing football. We're still shaking sand out of our shoes.
TEAMS: DELA Members vs. Guest Quartetters

Click here to see the Winners!

The 2015 BOWL had very light participation (8 players), but a record number of 'fans' (20 hecklers)!
As it turns out, the teams were divided into Judges vs. Performers (standing in the back row). Ev Nau (not pictured) officiated.
The Performers out-scored the Judges 6-2 or 5-3 (depending on who you ask).
Many of the Regular players were out on injured reserved, but promised to be back next year.
Mike Kelly had family obligations, but still managed to prepare the field with thanks to Dennis Ritchey and TJ Barranger.

In 2014, both teams performed spectacularly! It was a hard-fought battle, with slightly more 'incidental contact' than usual.
The final score, while up for debate, proved to be elusive as both teams competed for victory.
In the end, a tie was declared and both teams left feeling honorable, if not a little sore.

2013 brought us plenty of new faces! In typical Dela-Bowl fashion, the Mid-Atlantic District offered up its best atheletes.
The final score is lost to history, but the final victory went to the 'Dark Shirts'.

The Dark-Shirts after a victorius WIN!

In 2012, we again gathered at the gridiron.
This year, the Light Shirts DID prevail, and crushed "The Dark Shirts".
While the 'exact' score of the game was left up to the observer, there was no question as to the identity of the victors.
... and the losers!
And now we wait to gather again, in November 2013.
Good luck to all - bring Advil!

Many years ago, the legends of the Mid-Atlantic District gathered at the gridiron to prove their mettle.
Since 2010, the next generation of professional DELA athletes and their guests have assembled to pay homage to their heros of the past.
During our annual DELA Bowl, our men fight for every point, down to the last tick of the clock!

In November of 2011, our champions ("The Dark Shirts") did thusly reign terror against our sworn enemies ("The Light Shirts")
in an all out battle for football supremacy of the Yellow Breeches, with a final score of 35-to-7.
Better luck next year, Light Shirts!

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