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Grants Awards
Our District supports and recognizes those chapters who seek and
received financial grants from government and/or corporate entities.

Here's the list of Grant recipients for 2004-2005:
  • Joe Stangl, representing
    Schuylkill Express and
    The Coalcracker Chorus
    "Schuylkill County Council for the Arts", $745
    "Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts", $1,307

  • Dick Nurse, representing
    Deans of Harmony
    "Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission", $8,000 over the last 5 years

  • Charles Schlagel, representing
    Knights of Harmony
    "Maryland State Arts Council", $816 in 2004
    "Maryland State Arts Council", $1,800 in 2005
    PLUS, a "Technical Assistance Grant" of $1,111.00 also from MSAC
    and Individual donations of $2,500 in 2005

  • Lee Roth, representing
    Hunterdon Harmonizers
    "New Jersey State Arts Council", $7,000 in 2004
    "New Jersey State Arts Council", $7,000 projected for 2005

  • Dick Hott, representing
    Sounds of The Shenandoah
    "Talbot County Arts Council", $500 in 2004
    "Talbot County Arts Council", $400 projected for 2005
    "Maryland State Arts", $115 in 2004

  • Doug Brown, representing
    "New Jersey County Arts Program", $2,600 in 2004
    "Union County NJ Division of Cultural & Heritage Affairs as a re-grantee from the State", $2,650 in 2005
    and $4,000 from a local bank to continue to run the Festival of Harmony for NJ high school youth.

  • Martin Banks, representing
    Alexandria Harmonizers
    "Alexandria Commission for the Arts", $13,800 in 2004
    "Alexandria Commission for the Arts", $13,750 projected for 2005
    and private individual donations of $10,000

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