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Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020
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We are not taking any more students for Harmony College East 2020

Harmony College EAST
& Youth Harmony Camp

Immerse Yourself in a Weekend of MAD Barbershop!

Dear Mid-Atlantic District friends,

As we are all painfully aware, the covid-19 virus has changed life dramatically this year, and it will be some time before things settle down and return to normal. As your Harmony College East deans, our number one priority for the school is the safety of our attendees and faculty. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention maintains that we all minimize our activities to the greatest extent possible and avoid large gatherings until the situation is more stable.

It is with heavy heart, therefore, that we have decided to cancel Harmony College East this year. Everyone who has registered thus far will be reimbursed in full. We are planning for a huge HCE comeback in 2021 where we can all safely gather together in fellowship and song. To that end, we intend to resurrect the HCE Facebook page (which has been dormant for several years) in order to provide you, on a regular basis, with educational snippets and instructional segments to glimpse what we have planned for next year. If you have not yet *liked* the HCE Facebook page, please do so at www.facebook.com/HarmonyCollegeEast and have access to all of our upcoming content.

We hope you will join us next summer; more information to follow.

Yours in harmony,
Glenn M. Phillips
Dean, Harmony College East

Sheryl Berlin
Deputy Dean, Harmony College East

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