2003 District Seniors Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Monday, Nov 12, 2018
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After finishing as alternates at the International Preliminary Competition in 1979, two popular M-AD quartets, ("COMMITTEE," Harrisburg, Pennsylvania & "HARMONY TRUST," Bryn-Mawr, Pennsylvania) decided they wanted to move on. After a number of auditions and re-auditions, a combination of both quartets emerged and the KEYSTONE CONGREGATION was born.

Less than 5 months later in Ocean City, Maryland, they outscored the favorite "NEW YORKERS" and were named The 1980 M-AD District Quartet Champions. Success was short lived, when in December of that same year bass singer Doug Watson, announced that his family was relocating to Waxahachie, Texas. Fortune followed the KC as they were able to replace Doug with Paul Kline, who was already a two-time M-AD champ with the "CLASSICS" and the "FRIENDS OF YESTERDAY."

Three busy years followed on the show and competition circuit with their new bass, as well as many local and chapter gatherings. The quartet still gets together on occasion, having performed at a special guest night for the Bryn-Mawr Chapter, and more recently as the featured guest on the Western Division Jamboree in the spring of 2001, and the Dundalk Boat Ride cruise in August of that same year. Heck, they would probably get together for your next chapter show, if you invited them.

For more information, contact:
Mark A. Sanders
107 Old Airport Road
Douglassville, PA. 19518
610: 385-7166 H
610: 320-4245 W
bbsharmony@aol.com (H)
mark.sanders@encompassins.com (W)


Tenor - Hal Kraft, Harrisburg, PA
Lead - Les Adams, Harrisburg, PA
Bari - Mark Sanders, Bryn-Mawr, PA
Bass - Doug Watson, Bryn-Mawr, PA
Bass - Paul Kline, Lancaster, PA

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