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EASTERNAIRES Personnel by Year

There were 13 different members of the Easternaires who performed in shows and contest. John Russo is considered an honorary Easternaire due to the many times he performed socially with the quartet from 1963 to the present.

Tenors:Heyburn, Ryan, Dames, Evans
Leads:Dames, Heyburn, Stone, Ryan
Bari:Bohn, Mittlestadt
Bass:Michalski, Richter, Annichiarico, Jones, Mallet, Bohn, Russo

1954-1955Dan HeyburnTom DamesBob BohnRay Michalski
1955-1957Dan HeyburnTom DamesBob BohnHarry Richter
5th place, Minneapolis 1957/56
1957-1961Dan HeyburnTom DamesBob BohnBill Annichiarico
4th Place, Chicago 1959
1961-1962Ed RyanDan HeyburnBob BohnBill Annichiarico
1962-1963Ed RyanRay StoneBob BohnBill Annichiarico
1963George EvansRay StoneBob BohnBill Annichiarico
1963-?Ed RyanDan HeyburnBob BohnJim Jones
1963-?Ed RyanDan HeyburnBob BohnJim Mallett
1968-1988Ed RyanDan HeyburnDave MittlestadtBob Bohn
5th Place

This truely amazing quartet impressed audiences for many years and with many different members, thirteen in all. Of course the cornerstone of three time Medalist Easternaires Quartet was Bob Bohn (bari & bass) and was the arranger of practically every song they performed from 1954 to 1985. He formed the "Easternaires" quartet with Dan Heyburn, tenor, Tom Dames (lead & tenor) and, from his original high school group, bass Ray Michalski.

In fact, Tom Dames sang tenor during the 1959 & 1960 contests (all contest songs including the 4th place medal in 1959). He also sang tenor on half the RCA album.

The "Easternaires" were just ahead of their time and very popular with the general public. They performed in The Music Man on Broadway (replacing the Buffalo Bill’s when they left the show to make the movie), and they also toured with the Music Man National Company. They produced an album under RCA called “Once Over Lightly”. They performed on the popular 1950's "Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout" TV show (which they won). Ultimately, they stayed together in one configuration or another for thirty years.

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