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Friday, Apr 23, 2021
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The Standing Ovation Program

Our District offers your quartet or chorus a service to assess the quality of your group’s performance package – this can be your annual show, your holiday show or any performance from retirement community performance to local community event? The program is called “Standing Ovation”.

Performing for the public is a part of who we are what we do and if we choose to perform in public, we need to have an objective way of evaluating our performances – some groups have the capabilities to record and critique their performances and then develop plans for driving improvement. Some quartets and choruses may not have the tools and/or capabilities to self analyze. The Standing Ovation Program was developed some years ago as a way for quartets and choruses to obtain a voluntary review and set of recommendations for achieving a higher level of performance.

I encourage you to take advantage of this program. It involves your inviting a certified reviewer to attend one of your performances. He/she would take notes starting in the parking lot (asking questions like, was there easy access for patrons) and ending in the parking lot (was it easy to get out of the facility after the show) – they would share their observations of how they were impacted by your performance with you and/or with your leadership team and offer ways that your show might be made even better than it already is. Our Standing Ovation Program coordinator is Bill Colosimo. If you would like to schedule a review please contact me at billcatps@aol.com.

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