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Friday, Apr 23, 2021
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Director Development
Training Resources for Chorus Directors

I. Schools
a. Director's School (BHS - Location to be announced) Courses and Schedule
b. Harmony College (BHS - Location to be announced)
c. Harmony College East (M-AD - Salisbury, MD)
d. Director's College East (M-AD - Salisbury, MD)
e. Chorus Director Workshop Intensive
f. MicroHarmony Education Programs (Micro HEP)
II. Publications

III. Videos

IV. Scholarships
Chapters should consider sending their Musical Director for professional development training at a school or workshop as a legitimate chapter expense and part of the Director's compensation package.

a. Lou Perry Scholarship
b. Earl Moon Memorial Endowment Fund Harmony College Scholarship
c. Director's College Scholarships - eligibility and application process.
d. Director's College EAST Scholarships - eligibility and application process.
e. 2002 Scholarship winners
V. Miscellaneous
a. Standing Ovation Program
b. Directly Involved - Newsletter for Directors
c. SPEBSQSA-wide Chorus Director List Server - Subscribe to Directors List Server

For questions and information about these programs contact:
Rich Gray, Jr
M-AD District VP for Chorus Director Development
Logon to see his full contact information.

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