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Chorus Director Recruitment
Selecting and sustaining the proper musical director for a chapter is a very important step to the well-being of the chapter morale and success. A mismatch between chapter mission and goals with the ambitions and goals of the musical director will not make for a positive situation and will most like result in stress and hurt feelings for all those involved. In fact it could bring you right back to the director search level and starting over with the process.

What steps are involved in a successful director recruitment/search?
  • Know your chapter
  • Examine what the chapter has to offer
  • Determine what you expect to receive and what qualifications it may take
  • Conducting the search
  • Initial contact and interview
  • Nurture and support your candidate
  • Report your vacancy and final candidate selection, as well as your Search Committee Contact to the District VP for Chorus Director Development for assistance
The chapter leadership should understand its role of supporting the musical program. Music is the output || product of our rehearsals and hours of practice. Helping the director succeed by taking care of administrative needs will allow him/her to focus on the music program without concern that other things like budgets, policy, membership, facilities, music, training tools, logistics for shows. Performance is our product and everything we do should move in that direction with strong musical programs and effective chapter leadership.

Once the director is selected there are numerous programs to help refresh and help him/her grow and develop. All of these are legitimate chapter expenses and should be considered as part of a director's compensation package. Some of these include: NOTE: Information about these programs is provided on other pages of this
M-AD Chorus Director Development website and the Society's webpage.

Director Search Information:

For questions and information about these programs contact:
Rich Gray, Jr
M-AD District VP for Chorus Director Development
Logon to see his full contact information.

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